The main Beneficiary of the Project is Adam Mickiewicz University (UAM) in Poznań, one of the most prominent Polish universities, which has been at the very forefront of all the ratings of higher education institutions in Poland, representing the European level of education and scientific research.

The works related to the implementation of the Project are performed on its behalf by the Department of Analytical Chemistry of the UAM Faculty of Chemistry.

The Faculty of Chemistry has functioned since 1 September 1978, at which time the then-Institute of Chemistry was given the rank of a faculty, even though it was not until the beginning of 1981 that it was given full autonomy and its name of Faculty of Chemistry.

Today, the Faculty of Chemistry employs nearly 100 independent academic researchers (holding the Polish titles of dr hab. and prof.) and consists of more than 30 scientific research units (departments and laboratories), where, aside from student courses, a number of scientific research projects are carried out.